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ODYSSEY - The Living Moment

Odyssey – The Living Moment is a practical guide to living with increased energy, clarity, authenticity, strength and direction. The 21-day personal development program presents a framework that enables you to examine your unique challenges in a methodology of continuous improvement. The educational journey empowers you with the tools and skills you need to succeed in whatever you do, while the experiential aspect instills actionable habits that last beyond program end.


Odyssey can assist you with becoming a better manager, parent, partner, and person. In three weeks, you can improve your managerial effectiveness and strengthen your leadership aptitude and spiritual resourcefulness. The journey of self-discovery is to live more mindful of the living moment. The quest is to gain a more enjoyable feeling of being alive.


The Odyssey Quest


Odyssey – The Living Moment is the introduction to The Odyssey Quest, a facilitated 12-week life leadership program which aims to strengthen personal authority and the capacity to live life authentically—in tune with your core values even under stress.


Clients of The Odyssey Quest report overwhelmingly positive results that include improved mental clarity and focus, increased energy, and better control in highly emotional states and situations. The proven approach places you at the center of your own hero's journey. You learn by doing.


The Odyssey Quest combines scientific perspectives with universal themes that empower the skills essential in combating stressful challenges in an increasingly complex world.


The Quest Objectives

The purpose of Odyssey – The Living Moment is to hone your skills as a life leader, whether that applies to running a company, managing a family, or furthering your personal relationships. In order to deliver on this vision, this 21-day personal development program presents a shared context and methodology along with an open framework used to continually improve and strengthen your foundational character.


Over the next three weeks, you’ll learn to live in the present moment. You’ll begin to experience yourself as a hero, taking the steps to conquer stress in the moment using purposeful action. In terms of practical results, the entire program will build upon three key strengths:


Clarity—Everyone is unique. Odyssey will uncover your own set of personal values that make you who you are. You’ll understand your own internal decision making processes and gain a greater appreciation of the subtle yet pervasive biophysical mechanisms we all live with.


Energy—Life is energy. Odyssey will connect you to your living power center by developing personal strategies that naturally awaken higher energetic states. As a result, you feel more confident and enthusiastic in taking on the hard stuff. With improved life leadership, you’ll TUNE IN and TURN ON energy automatically, doing more with less effort. Success builds on success.


Control—Power commands force. A life leader responds positively rather than defensively to challenges. Living authentically means being in control of all aspects of your life, consistently making clear decisions and taking purposeful action based on instinct and intuition. Like a martial artist, you remain clean and clear in chaos, a true champion in stress, inspiring others with an enlightened spirit.

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