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A Process Re-engineering Guide for the Brain,
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How to Find Peace in a Stressed-Out World

Each of us is a product of programming, of learned and unconscious responses to ordinary moments in our day that can generate negative emotions and drain us of energy. Someone cuts us off in traffic and we respond with anger, a response that is learned and automatic. We worry about events that will never arise. We allow an off-hand criticism to reach our deepest insecurities. And all of it feeds negative emotions that fester in our minds. Many books will approach such issues by sharing a wisdom that can be quickly forgotten shortly after the book is put down. Odyssey: The Living Moment is not meant to simply be read and then placed on a shelf. It is a program to be followed, each day, for three weeks, in order to train your brain to automatically react to triggers of negative emotions with a response that generates a higher and more positive emotion.


Odyssey: The Living Moment is the product of Russell R. Hassler’s years of research and consulting work, and it describes The Odyssey Methodology that formed the basis of his practice, and his own life. Each chapter represents a day’s lesson and contains an exercise to be completed, with the goal of creating new habits that result in more positive automatic emotional responses.

The Odyssey Forms
Bio of Russell R. Hassler
is now available:
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If you purchased the eBook version of ODYSSEY: The Living Moment, or would prefer to not write in the book, you may DOWNLOAD the forms here.

The Odyssey Quest Leadership Program was Russell Hassler’s life work, and was the product of a life of curiosity, questioning, and ... MORE

ODYSSEY: The Living Moment is now available in softcover and eBook formats at the online retailers listed above, and at other retailers.

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